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Parent Information



We know that you know your child very well and can share with us lots of knowledge about your child’s interests, quirky little ways, and individual needs. This is why we believe in forming a strong partnership with our families. Like you, we want the best for your child, and we share with you the responsibility for your child’s development and learning so that they are as ready for school as they possibly can be when that time comes.

Once your child has been offered a place at Boston Nursery School, your child’s Keyperson will arrange a convenient time to contact you, usually by telephone, to talk to you about your child in more detail and to answer any questions you may have.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their child’s keyperson if they have any concerns. All parent/carers are welcome to spend time in the nursery, helping in the classrooms, on visits out of nursery or by using their skills to benefit the nursery in other ways.

Stay and Play

A few days before your child is due to start at Boston Nursery School, they will be invited to come along, with a parent/carer, to ‘stay and play’ for an hour, just to see what its like in the busy nursery. Here they will meet their keyperson, make some new friends and will be able to explore our range toys and activities. This short session is designed to build confidence in your child, and yourself, that all will be well when they attend on their own.

Starting Nursery School

Your child will need to bring with them a warm, waterproof coat and a pair of wellies, because much of our most exciting learning is done outdoors and sometimes even in the rain! They do not need to bring a drink, a drinking beaker or a snack as we provide children with water, milk and a range of healthy snacks. We encourage all our children to drink from cups as this supports good oral development and health. They will need a backpack with a change of clothes and a place to put letters, library books and their treasured art work or writings.

You are welcome to stay and help your child settle, but please say goodbye to them when you are leaving and tell them that you will return soon. It is important that your child knows you are coming back for them, but that they are also given the opportunity to establish and develop good relationships with other children and adults. Your child’s regular attendance is essential to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from nursery education.


We have a Royal Blue nursery school uniform with our Parliament Federation Logo Owl, which can be purchased from:

  • Polo shirts from £6.80
  • Cardigans from £10.30
  • Sweatshirts from £10.30
  • Coats from £15.50
  • Book Bags from £6.50

Many of our families choose to buy one or two uniform items for their child to wear. Wearing our uniform helps children to know where they are going when they put it on, children know they are part of Boston Nursery School, and it supports school readiness by preparing our children for wearing their primary school uniforms.

Attendance and Absences

All schools are required to monitor children’s attendance. The registers are completed by 9.00 am for the morning session and 12.45 pm for the afternoon session. We therefore ask that you inform us before these times.

Please also understand that continued unauthorised absences must be followed up and acted upon accordingly. We are unable to hold nursery places open for persistent non-attendance.

Your child’s regular attendance is necessary to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from this important first stage in their education.

It is also important that your child is given the opportunity to establish and develop good relationships with other children and adults.


If your child is ill or going to be absent for any other reason, please inform us (the school telephone number is 01205 358647 or email admin@boston-nur.lincs.sch) so that the absence may be recorded as ‘authorised’ in the register.

Children suffering from infections should be kept at home to prevent wider infection spreading within the school. Children suffering from sickness and diarrhoea should be kept at home for at least 48 hours.

Any unexplained absence will be followed up with a phone call to establish the reason for absence. Should you need to take your child out of nursery during term time for any other reason apart from illness, please let the office know in advance.